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The WebTech-Innovations design process is simple and straight forward.

After our initial contact, WebTech-Innovations will review your individual situation and will begin to work with you and your company to determine your specific needs. We will then assess your requests and requirements and brief you on our findings. At this time, WebTech-Innovations will advise you, the customer, if we belief we can help provide you with what you are looking for in order for you to realize greater exposure on the World Wide Web. And the best part of this process is that this initial consultation is free.

There is no charge for our services until both parties are in agreement to what the final outcome will be and an estimate is provided for the job at hand.

Our simple six step process is as follows:

1. We will send you a consultation form for you to complete. This provides us the basic information to better understand your needs.

2. Once we receive the completed consultation form, we will review your information with you and also discuss any alternatives, or optional ideas. We will also finalize an estimate of the fees to complete your web requests. At this point we will ask for a completed "Intent to purchase" contract to be filled out by you and/or your company. This contract provides us your approval to continue forward with your design.

3. Once a contract has been completed, we will begin the design process. When we have completed our inital work we will provide you with an online demo of your new web site and web pages. It may be one or multiple pages to give you a "look & feel" on how your site will appear and behave.

4. We will review this initial design with you and determine if it will meet your needs. You may choose to terminate your contract with us at anytime up to this step at no cost to you. If have us continue with your design, we will listen to your requests and provide you with any additional demos of for the proposed changes.

5. Once we have a design that you are comfortable with, we will provide you with a invoice with all costs outlined for your approval.

6. Once payment is received, your web site will be published to your domain, tested and then submitted to the major search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Once the consultation form is provided, the remaining steps will take approximately 4-6 weeks. However, smaller jobs may take as little as only 2 weeks dependent on content.

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