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WebTech-Innovations specializes in the creation of high quality websites for small businesses, the entrepreneur or for the individual that is trying to provide or increase their presence on the World Wide Web.

Below are just a few of the advantages that we offer:


All of our web designs are developed with code that validates to the latest standards. This means that our sites will work with all of today's current browsers such as: Internet Explorer 6, Opera 8, Firefox 1.0 and Netscape 6.

All of our web pages are validated to the W3C standard using the W3C Mark-up Validation Service. The W3C is an international organization which sets the standards and specifications for the use of the internet. The members of the W3C include Microsoft, Apple, Sun Microsystems and other popular internet browser companies.

So, what does this mean for you? It means that you will have an increased number of visitors that will be allowed to visit and view your web site as you intended. By using the W3C standards, just about any of the modern day browsers will be able to surf your site and with an almost identical look in each browser type.

Clean Crisp Designs

At WebTech-Innovations, we believe the best web sites are developed using clean, simple and easy to navigate web pages. We provide detail and important information about you and leave out the fluff. We believe that most of your visitors will be happier if they can get to the information they are looking for in the shortest and most informative means possible.

Part of our design includes web page load testing. After publishing your web site, we test each and every web page for functionality, presentation and speed. These are the three most important aspects of any web page. If any one of these three elements is faulty, it is most certain that your possible customer, will end up at your competitors web site.

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